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    Adept definition: very highly skilled or proficient at something. a·dept

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    Stockbroker Wrongdoing, Insurance Litigation, Wrongful Death and Serious Injury, Business Litigation, Construction Defects

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Our Practice Area

Stockbroker Wrongdoing

We have a strong focus and background in claims and actions against stockbrokers and other investment professionals who have failed to meet their responsibilities.

Insurance Litigation

We hold insurance companies to be responsible for paying on life insurance claims, property damage and auto liability claims, and other promises which they have made.

Wrongful Death and Injury

We have a distinguished department focused on wrongful death cases–the most serious and difficult of serious injury cases.

Business Litigation

We are focused on trademark and copyright litigation, and the overall protection of your intellectual property rights.

General Counsel Advice

We can handle lease and real estate issues, as well as partnership organization and disputes.  We are here to help you grow to success.

Construction Defects

We have practical and deep experience in working with construction issues, during construction and in construction defects litigation.

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To get started, please click the Free Consultation link at the top right of the site. We will get back to yo right away.


Free Consultation:

Our consultations are confidential and free. If you prefer, we will follow up with you by email, or meet with you in person at our office, or call you on the phone at your convenience.  The choice is always yours.



Pending our initial consultation, we will inform you if we think you have a case, and provide you with the terms of an ongoing professional relationship with our firm.


No Out-Of-Pocket Payments:

Our professional services are provided on a contingency basis. We will advise you of our fees and contingency rates before we enter into an agreement with you.


Team Approach:

At Adept, we use a team approach, so the best skills of our attorneys and case officers are applied to your particular situation.  Our attorneys have attended the top tier schools, and have intensive, real-world experience in the courtroom.  Our attorneys are supported by our Case Officers, who are also very knowledgeable as to the type of efforts that are needed to fully support the attorney’s efforts and legal advice.   Your attorney will always be ultimately responsible for the driving your case forward, and providing all legal advice to you.  The Case Officer will provide intensive support for the attorney, organization, logistics, and further administrative tools for the support of the attorney.


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